Travel Planner Conditional Formatting for On Budget

It looks like if something is on budget in the Travel Planner template, it color codes as red–the same as if it is over budget.

I was expecting this to be consistent with the other templates. For example, if you have $0 available in the Monthly Budget the font stays normal.


Hi @RachelB: Is the actual amount for your last line (Disney World, Flights) something like $56.12, where the rounding format displays the nearest whole dollar, but the actual math of the underlying amounts make the difference slightly less than zero, also rounded?

No, it’s $56.00 (10 transactions of $5.60 each for award flights).

:wave: @RachelB!

My guess is that it’s just to alert you: “hey, you’ve spent everything here. Don’t spend anymore.” but it’s probably something you could customize on your sheet by reviewing the conditional formatting rules.

As this is a solution from @catpatriciamorgan vs like @randy she maybe isn’t aware Tiller conventions around formatting or wanted to use her own convention based on what made sense to her.

Hope that helps.

I think there is a good chance @Brad.warren is right, @RachelB. This is the conditional formatting:

Can you expand the decimals out a way and see if somehow it is being round to appear as zero?

I’m excited to see you’re putting @catpatriciamorgan’s template to use!

It is $56.00. Here’s a screenshot.


It might be tied to the custom formula conditional formatting to change the entire row to red



I saw that conditional formatting but a) it uses the same < 0 threshold and b) the row would be gray if it were executed. I’m not sure what this point, @RachelB. Is it possible that row defaults to red formatting and that the conditional formatting isn’t the problem? What happens if you select those cells and apply text-color none?

I set the text color to purple and that row still turned red.

It sounds like the conditional formatting is executing. I’m not sure I have a solution, @RachelB. I’d consider either deleting all of the conditional formatting or setting the threshold for turning red lower (e.g. -1 or -10).

Thanks Randy! That’s what I did and it seems to be working fine. I’m assuming it will function fine until there’s an update to the report?

Yes. If there were an update and you upgraded, any changes you made would be wiped to the new master.