Issue with travel planner sheet

Hi, I am finding that if I use multiple tags for a travel expense transaction, it will not show the expense in the travel planner report. One tag is a travel planner tag (in this case - 2022-0X-SmokyMountains-Lodging) and the other tag is a non travel planner tag (Discretionary). I am separating the tags with a comma and no space like I do for the regular tags report. The tagged expenses do show in the tags report.

I’m not sure I understand, @MC_Matthew… are you saying it is working properly?

Hi @randy - No, if I tag a transaction on the transactions sheet with two tags, a travel planner tag, and a normal tag I use (2022-0X-SmokyMountains-Lodging and Discretionary in this case) the travel planner sheet will not register the expense in the actuals column. So even though I’ve tagged the expense with the correct travel planner tag, having a second tag on the transaction causes it to not be recognized by the sheet. If I remove the second tag, the expense will show in the actuals column.

Good catch, @MC_Matthew. I borrowed the formula from the Tags Report sheet which is a little more clever and added it to the Travel Planner.

I think it is working better now. Can you confirm?
Thanks for your patience with this.

Awesome - that fixed it. Thanks!

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I am jumping onto this thread as I’m having issues with the travel planner as well.
The planner seems to be bogging things down or not loading at all. I even created another sheet to lighten the load of the workbook and still once I have added a new travel plan the page will sit for over a half hour and not load.
Any ideas on what could be causing this?