Track Spending on Preparing for a Future Vacation

Can I track how much I’ve spent preparing for a future vacation? Expenditures such as gear, clothes, food, etc are included as part of the planned excursion.


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I love using Travel Planner, available in Community Solutions, by @catpatriciamorgan . I have a companion sheet that goes into more detail on the planning/budgeting portion but does not bring in transactions spent.

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I use tags for this. We’re going to Florida later this month. There are expenses across numerous categories, but all of them get the Florida tag.

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I’ve not used tags. Will you explain a little more?

I second the recommendation for Tags for this purpose, each of my trips gets a tag so that i can track all transactions associated with a trip regardless if pre purchased or during/after the trip.

You would download the Tags Report and add a “Tags” column to your transactions sheet.

Also there is another template recently created that has more functionality as well. V2

These templates are for Google Sheets.


I find tags to be a very useful way to organize transactions that occur in multiple categories but share something in common. I use them for things like vacations. I also use them to associate certain expenditures with, say, one car as opposed to the other car or one kid as opposed to the other kid. For example, I have a clothing category. I’ll tag transactions in that category with the name of the person whose clothing it is. But I might also use that person’s name as a tag on a restaurant or entertainment transaction. Then, using the Tags Report sheet, I can track spending for different tags.

Tiller’s intro to using tags is here. There’s also a YouTube video on using tags in Tiller here.


What needs to be done to make the sheet work? I added the #vacation tag to the transaction sheet, now what? Thanks!

Tags are a great approach, @rdc.tiller… and I’d second @brettanicus’s suggestion regarding the Travel Planner since it is built for exactly what you’re trying to do. (It also uses tags.)

hi everyone. New Tiller user here.

I considered tags for reporting and just maintaining 1 category but our family takes around 3 trips a year and I feel it’s easier to forecast/budget by splitting it up.

I just created a category per trip under a vacation grouping but seeing the trip planner I’m going to give that a try!

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I’ve tried to find where this screenshot came from but I’m unable to locate the sheet within the tag sheets that were referred. Can you provide more information on where the hiccup is?