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About the Travel Planner Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is for those who want to analyze their travel spending in greater detail. You can track your spending for specific trips and monitor your progress toward spending your total annual vacation budget all in one place.

The Travel Planner Template includes several sections:

  • A Travel Schedule where you plan out your travel duration and trip, as well as generate a unique Trip ID for each trip.
  • A Travel Detail section where you budget for each expense on each trip.
  • A Travel Planner that shows two views: your spending for each trip and your total aggregate spending for a given year.

Screenshare Video

Watch the screenshare demonstration to see how this template works.

How the Travel Planner Template Works

Tiller automatically imports your daily credit and debit card transactions into Google Sheets. As you spend on travel, those transactions will appear in your transaction history sheet.

You generate a Trip ID in the “Travel Schedule section.” This Trip ID will be used, along with your budgeted expenses in the “Travel Detail” section, to generate a specific Tag.

As you tag each expense in your transactions tab, the total spent will auto-update in the “Actual” column of the Travel Planner. You can see how much is left for each trip in the “Available” column.

The “Travel Planner” query offers two ways to view your travel spending: by Trip ID and by year. This allows you to have oversight of both your trip-specific spending and your annual spending all in one place.

How Do I Add Trips?

Navigate to the “Travel Schedule” section of the sheet and input the following for each trip: start date, end date, and your destination. You will automatically see how many travel days you have per trip, and you will also generate a Trip ID.

How Do I Build My Budget?

Build your budget by filling in the “Travel Details” section of the sheet. Select a Trip ID, write-in an expense name, and a budget amount.

How Do I Track Expenses?

As you spend on travel, make sure you Tag each expense with the unique Tag generated in the “Travel Details” section. That will pull the transaction data into the “Travel Planner” query for analysis.This text will be hidden

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