Travel Budget Planning using Holiday Gift Planner

The Holiday Gift Planner has been a great way to budget for my Travel category. I added each trip as its own row and use that as a tag in the Transactions sheet. It works great for tagging my travel deposits and transportation expenses, which are often not the same month as the actual travel and meal expenses.

Note: The budget is independent of your monthly or yearly budget in Tiller so I recommend starting here to set a realistic budget for what you plan to do and then use that to build your monthly budgets in the Categories sheet.


I :heart: what you did here, @RachelB. Building off another template is a great way to quickly solve complex workflow problems even when the concepts are as conceptually different as gift & travel planning.

Well done!

I don’t want to let the :cat2: out of the bag, but this community’s own @catpatriciamorgan has something in the works that may take your travel-planning workflow to the next level. Keep an eye on this channel in early 2022.

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Yes, I’m excited for that! I have a separate spreadsheet that I use for more granular trip planning. It will be nice to have everything in one spot.