Holiday gift planner issue

Hi! I just started to set up the Holiday Gift Planner template, and it seems a little off. The Spent amount is a sum of the Budget Available column.

Yup, I feel like there was an update and something went wrong. Can anyone on the Tiller team fix this template?

@jonorlin do you have any insights here?

There is a formula error for the Spent total. Perhaps there was an update that caused this.

The formula in E8 is =SUM(F11:F30)
It should be =SUM(E11:E30)

The template has been updated with the correct formula. It is available now in the Tiller Money Labs add-on. Update to Version 1.02.

Were there any other issues with the sheet? I did some testing and didn’t see any problems.


That seemed to be the only issue. Thanks!

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Not sure whether to post here or start a new topic.

I ran into an issue because my “Tags” column is column AC on my Transactions sheet (I know, I know. I have so many custom columns.)

The fix: I edited the formulas in K2:K7 to use, e.g. regexextract(address(1,J2),"[A-Z]+")) instead of CHAR(64,J2), making it more robust for column counts above 26.

Hope this is helpful for someone else!