Holiday gift planner issue - Spent column not updating

I may have broken a forumula in the Holiday Gift Planner. The “Spent” column is no longer updating. Can someone please help me confirm if this is the formula that should drive that row:

=IF(ISTEXT(A19),IFERROR(-SUMIFS(INDIRECT(M$3),arrayformula({","& TRIM(INDIRECT(M$4)) &","}),"*,"&A19&",*",INDIRECT(M$2),">="&#REF!,INDIRECT(M$2),"<="&#REF!),0),IFERROR(1/0))```

Welcome, @kevin.millecam :wave:

I’d recommend restoring the Holiday Gift Planner with the Tiller Community Solutions add-on using these steps as a guide being sure to archive before overwriting when prompted:

Once you’ve restored the sheet you can then copy/paste over your gift details from the original that’s broken or you can use the new copy to make sure you have the correct formula.

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Thank you so much @heather !
I didn’t know this was possible.
Worked like a charm!

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