Is there a way to make any positive number (income) green (or different color)?

In the transactions category a lot of times my eyes don’t see the positive numbers for any income because most transactions are expenses anyway. I’d like for any positive number in the transactions tab to automatically be green in color. This way I will easily know it’s money coming in.

A good example of this is if I buy clothes and then return a few of the items. Both transactions would be under the same category, but I’d like the returned items (coming in as income) to be green.

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Yes this is absolutely possible and is pretty straightforward. Do a google search on conditional formatting for google sheets.

  1. Open your spreadsheet
  2. Select the range of cells that you want the formatting applied to (both negative & positive)
  3. Click Format in the main menu
  4. Click Conditional Formatting from the drop down menu
  5. Apply the desired rules in the right hand side block

Thank you for the nifty lesson. My transaction sheet now has at-a-glance fabulousness.

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