Conditional Formatting in Transactions Sheet - Yellow?

A couple weeks ago I noticed a conditional format rule was added to my foundation workbook in my transactions sheet. The top several rows, the column with the category is highlighted yellow when I categorize it, if blank, no highlight.

What caused this change? If I update the conditional formatting rules to turn this off, will it mess anything else up in Tiller?

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weird… but, nope, you can examine the rule to be sure but turning it off won’t hurt a thing. I have a bunch of conditional colorations in my transaction sheet that I turn off and on all the time.

I second @susandennis, safe to go into Conditional Formatting and remove any rules you don’t want. I don’t think the original template contains any conditional formatting, so anything you see there would be added by you (either intentionally or unintentionally).

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As @susandennis & @jpfieber said, you can delete or change conditional formatting without worrying. The Sheets Foundation Template doesn’t include any conditional formatting on the Transactions sheet. My guess is that you copied and pasted content from the Categories sheet which does have conditional formatting.

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