Conditional formatting: if blank yellow

TL:DR: My transactions sheet has automated conditional formatting, but when looking at settings there are no conditional formatting rules set.

A while back I set-up conditional formatting to highlight a cell in yellow if it was blank. This way I could easily see what Auto-Cat already did for me versus what I needed to categorize. However, I noticed in my spreadsheet that if Auto-Cat filled in the cell for me via a nightly pull, google sheets still perceived it as empty. Sometimes I would literally hit enter in the cell and yellow would go away. Other times, I had change the actual color of cell back to transparent.

I’ve cleared all conditional formatting of my sheet but still if Auto-Cat enters the information for me overnight, my cell still shows up yellow. I have no idea how this is possible. I’ve searched for issues related to google sheets and I can’t find anything so I am hoping maybe someone in the tiller community has experienced something similar?

You need to first click into a cell that would get the conditional formatting, you should then see it listed in the Conditional Formatting rules.

I find it easiest to click the top right corner ( the white box between the A and the 1) of the spreadsheet to highlight all cells, then go Format - Conditional Formatting. This will show all rules

Thank you @jpfieber and @richl these were some of the first things I did. I deleted all the conditional formatting I had and it’s still doing it. Every morning when I log-in and see new transactions they are yellow. So not only are the cells not empty but there is no conditional formatting on my sheet. It’s very weird. I’ll see if I can make a video.

I would check the formatting at the bottom of the sheet/list. I think the transactions may be added at the bottom and then sorted to the top. If the formatting at the bottom is yellow, the new row would likely inherit that formatting.


I was also wondering if the conditional formatting gets added by Tiller when the new transactions come in

Alternating colors is the only format I see on the Transaction sheet.

I also suggest what @jpfieber shared.

Did any of these suggestions help? If so, please mark one as the solution.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I logged in today and wouldn’t you know it, under conditional formatting the rule was there. I am not sure why it was missing the other day, but today it was visible and I was able to delete it. I know this sounds like user error, but I checked every which way and it wasn’t there. Wondering if its a google sheets add-on conflict or something else. I think @jpfieber was also right that the bottom of the sheet had the yellow formatting and likely new transactions added were inheriting it. At least this was the case on my 2nd tiller spreadsheet.

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