Category styled in red for one transaction in transactions sheet


I have been using Tiller for about a week now and really dig it. So far I have only found a few minor peeves but they are all pretty work-around-able.

I was categorizing some new transactions today, and when I assigned one of them a category from the pick list, the category cell populated but came up styled with red text on a red background. No error or anything, the category and actually the amount are the same as other transactions that display normally in previous months.

Is this some hidden feature?


Wow, I have never seen or heard of an issue like that. I did a check on the conditional editing rules and didn’t see anything that would make a Category column cell turn red.

I would need to see a video recording of your interactions with the keyboard for several minutes before and after said event occurred before I could offer any additional insight.


Definitely strange. You don’t mention if you are in Sheets or Excel, but in either case, click on one of the colored cells and look for the Conditional Formatting command. This should show any conditional formatting assigned to that cell. If you find some, you should be able to remove it.

I’m in sheets, and yeah I tried that but didn’t see any conditional formatting rules. just a weird thing. If it means nothing I can certainly go about my life ignoring it, but if it did have some significance I figured I ought to know what that is.

It might be tied to your dropdown’s data validation rules rather than conditional formatting. Someone else was exploring how to do that in this thread: Editing variable color. This is a feature that was recently introduced to Google Sheets. I’m not sure how one single category would have been updated as such, but this might be your answer. :slight_smile: