Setting Up Categories and Credit Cards

So I have set up two Tiller Foundation spreadsheets: one for my personal expenses, and one for the household expenses. I am struggling with credit card setup, because we have a balance on the credit cards, and just want to log payments made, and expenses charged.

I set up the Category|Group|Type as:

Transfer from Checking|Chase|Transfers
Transfer to Credit Card|Chase|Transfers
Credit Card Interest|Chase|Expense (since it accrues to the card)

And now I am getting highlighted yellow cells in the Descriptions and Category on the Transactions tab.

To make it even more mysterious, with the 90 days I’ve pulled in, only some of the months with Chase transactions are highlighted.

I’ve double-checked that the Category is correct between Categories and Transactions, including capitalization - any ideas why I’m getting a yellow highlight?

I don’t believe there is any automatic highlighting, by default.

I would select one of the yellow cells and see if there is a conditional formatting rule or maybe fill color. How, depends on if it is Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

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Thanks, Mark - I could not override the “fill color” on the cells, when going to the color icon.

I hadn’t considered a formula, so I went to View, and Show Formulas; there was indeed some weird formula in the cells that was creating an operation; when I deleted that formula, everything turned green, and I could overwrite the cell back to normal white.


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