Formatting Issue

I like to have my -$ numbers display in red, and my $ display in black. I accomplished this with conditional formatting, but now if I try to highlight these cells with the ‘fill color’ feature, nothing happens.

How should I address this?

Hi @ryan11 -

Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. It’s possible that in your conditional formatting there’s a background color selected, perhaps white (so it might have escaped notice) and that will take precedent and not allow you to apply another color while the conditional formatting rule is met. You can test it by applying the fill color and seeing nothing happen, then changing the cell so that it doesn’t meet the conditional format rule or remove the conditional format and you should see that the cell is the color you tried to fill it. To fix this, just go to the background color in the conditional formatting rule and select “None”.

  2. You might also achieve what you want to in Google sheets using a custom number format. The menu path is Format->Number->Custom number format. Look for one that has [Red] in brackets like the following sample. The reason I bring this option up is that because in my experience Conditional Formatting on a lot of cells can be resource intensive and slow things down - might be an issue in a Transaction sheet with lots of rows, maybe no big deal elsewhere.

Custom Number Formats

Both suggestions worked, thanks!

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