Conditional Formatting on "Date Added" column of the "Transactions" tab

My goal is to highlight the transactions that were added today, just so my attention is brought to the list that was just added during a “Fill”. There are other posts that show how to use conditional formatting to highlight uncategorized transactions, but that is not my goal.

I have tried to format the range of B2:O, with a formula of “O2=date(today())” and “O2=max(O2:O)”, as well as several other formulas, but have not successfully formatted anything in the sheet, even the column of Date Added. I also tried using datediff to compare the date in Date Added to either today() or the contents of $O2.

Could someone who uses Google Sheets to compare dates help me understand what I’m doing wrong with my attempt to compare these dates, please? This seems like it should be so very simple, but it’s eluding my skills.

Many thanks!!

Hi @danbaumanhr - Try the following formula which compares using the DATEVALUE of the Date Added field.


Dates can be tricky to compare sometimes and I think in this case the Date Added entry includes a timestamp that interferes with the normal comparison, so the DATEVALUE() function helps to cure that.

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@KyleT, Thank you… that worked perfectly!! I’m not sure why I didn’t try that before, but I didn’t.

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