Corrupt Categories sheet

I think i messed up my categories sheet somehow. It’s now showing ‘adopted’ instead of ‘ok’ in Solutions. In my Transactions sheet every entry in Category now says “Input must fall within specified range”. I also cannot categorize any more transactions. Under Solutions, most sheets allow me to ‘restore’ but that is not available for Categories or Transactions.

hi @ameet.sampat,

Is your Categories sheet still called “Categories” ? Sometimes renaming the sheet or duplicating it can cause issues like you describe.

Otherwise, I would recommend reviewing the version history and reverting to a previous version of the sheet.


It is called categories but I did make a copy of it and then created a new one. then got rid of the new one and wanted to reuse the old one. but changed the name back to ‘categories’. The version history should fix it. i’ll play with it over the weekend if there isn’t a better solution.