Creating Categories By When I Fill Them vs each month?


I’m new to this space and have been trying unsuccessfully to use Tiller for like 3 years now. But this time around after YNAB failed me again I’m back and after 2 months am going strong.
But I’m having an issue.

I’m trying to model filing certain budget categories only when irregular income arrives. But the main budget tab doesn’t let me do this. It populates all the months with that amount.

Example: I pay my car insurance from an irregular payment I get every Q2. I say irregular because it’s not from my paycheck and this the only time it arrives throughout the year. But when I try to put the amount $2,000 it puts it for each month and that’s not what I want. Or if I put it as 2000/12 then each month it shows me not filling that goal which stresses me out.

Does anyone know of a way or has there already been a fix made to have the budget sheet only populate the amount when it’s time vs for the whole year?


I tried searching this up but maybe the words I was using didn’t provide me with what I was looking for.

If you’re using the Categories sheet to do the budgeting, each month automatically repeats what was in the month before. To do what you want, say normally every month is $2000, but in April you get $4000, you would put $2000 in January, then $4000 in April, then $2000 in May. The months following May will repeat what is in the May column. If you want to get more sophisticated, take a look at the Budget Plan solution in the Tiller Community Solutions gallery.

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Thank you for the point in the right direction. I will investigate the Budget Plan.

I want it to read something like Jan-March its 0 and then when my irregular income shows up in April and that’s when I put $2000 into the account as my car insurance bill is due in April. And then all the other months would be 0 again.

Looking at the Budget Planner that might be what I need. I will experiment with it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

For that scenario, you would put $0 in January, $2000 in April, and $0 in May. Budget Plan is most useful for when you want to break down each category into line items that can be more specific, but there are other good use-cases for it as well. Have fun experimenting!