Data Validated Sub-Categories

Is there any way to have some sort for data validation or dropdown for tags in Google Sheets? I’m trying to set up a sub category system but it looks like Tiller only allows me to do one level of categories. I’d like to set up two or three levels. For Example. Legal Expenses as the main category - French Counsel as the sub-category - Law firm #1 as the sub-sub-category. Thanks!

Hi @dpilitsis1,
You might want to take a look at how to use tags with categories. More info here:

This doesn’t exactly provide the 1 to 1 level of Sub-category matching, since the Tag field can have multiple comma-separated values.

I have experimented with adding my own Sub-Category sheet to Tiller. The basic workflow was adding a Subcategory column to my Transactions sheet. You might want to add a Sub-sub-category column too.

Then, I added a new sheet callled Subcategory. The first Column is Subcategory and the second Column is Category. You could add another Sub Sub one.

To create the data validation dropdown for the Transactions sheet Subcategory column, use the formula, select List from a range, with the range Subcategory!A:A. If you wanted the list sorted, create a hidden column in the Subcategory sheet to sort the subcategories and use that column in the range.

I looked a little bit into getting it to work so when a Category was selected, that would auto-populate the list for the matching Sub-categories. While I figured out how to do that with one cell, I couldn’t find a way to do it for every row using just formulas. With a script, I’m sure it would be possible.

That should get you started. Let us know if that helps/works.

:wave:, @dpilitsis1!

You might also consider thinking about Group/Category as Category/Subcategory - explained here:

Otherwise, yes you can add data validation to the Tags column in the Transactions sheet, but it means you can only use one tag per transactions vs being able to use multiple tags per transactions (separated by commas).

You just need to create the list somewhere (could be a separate “Tags list” sheet/tab (just click the + in the lower left corner of the sheet) where you just list out all the possible tags you might use and point the data validation to pull from there.

I don’t recommend using the Tags column in the Categories sheet for generating a list of tags if you want to be able to tag individual transactions. The Tags column in Categories is very specific to applying the same tag to ALL transactions that are using that specific Category and is for use with the Category Rollup and Estimated Tax templates available via the Tiller (non-Feeds) add-on.

This help article has basics of data validation (though from the perspective of fixing the validation on the Category column in your Transactions sheet).

Very Helpful. I created a new tab in Google Sheets for Sub-categories and then a new column in the transactions tab. Using then Subcategoty function for the new column in the transaction tab accomplishes what I need. Thank you!

Glad to hear that worked for you!