Creating Group and Sub group in Auto Cat?

Is it an option to create a subgroup within Auto cat via google sheets? For example, I have an entertainment group and like to have that roll up to higher group like discretionary expenses? Thank you

Hi @m.svoboda09, sorry for the delayed reply here.

The way we think about the structure around group and category is on our help center here.

I think it’s a bit challenging to have that level of granularity so Group > Sub group > Category on the Categories sheet but you could add a Tags column to your Transactions sheet and have AutoCat apply a tag.

You can use the Advanced rule builder in the AutoCat sidebar to add a Tags column to the AutoCat sheet once you’ve got the Tags column in the Transactions sheet.

Hopefully that helps, but let me know if not.


What @heather said…! I use Tags for really granular things like:
Expenses / Discretionary / Entertainment / <tag>Streaming</tag>

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I figured out how to what I wanted to do. I wanted to breakdown the category at a higher levle so I can create a pivot table at the subgroup level.

Category Group Sub-Group
Car Maint Automotive Transportation