Debt Planner: Payoff Month Not Calculating Correctly

I didn’t see these updates. I will try the new updates and see if it’s a substitute for vertex!

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Hey guys, one last remaining item: One of my items doesn’t have a value for the March Budget. Column S just shows a blank value for this item. The item does have a value assigned in the Categories sheet.

Budgets are filled from an ARRAYFORMULA() in K8 with the following mapping:

If you look in the hidden area, do you see an exact match for the account name in column A to column O? Can you see a value in that row for the budget in column S?

Hope this helps, @branadonshutter.

Hey Randy. Column A matches Column O. There is no value in Column S.

Double checking the Categories Sheet, a budget is set there. That budget is also viewable in the Monthly Budget sheet.