Debt Planner - Projected Debt Freedom Date Not Updating Correctly


My projected debt freedom date with only the minimum payments being paid monthly (which is also my budget amount for the debts) is Mar 2025.

When I enter an additional amount of $4000, my date changes to Feb 2021…which cannot be correct based on my total debt of over $32k.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to correct this?

Thank you.

Hi @moneyork , sorry for the late reply here.

I think some other folks are chatting about this via this topic. Hopefully that will help. Feel free to chime in with some example configuration and/or screenshots on that topic since it already has a lot of activity:

That sounds suspicious, @moneyork.

We learned a few things working through issues recently in this thread:

  • Make sure to add Interest Rates in column B even if the interest rate is 0%.
  • The calculations don’t work great with zero-interest loans when the min monthly payment is greater than $0.

I agree that a screenshot would be helpful. Feel free to redact any sensitive information.