Debt Planner: Current Period Actuals Not Listed

The estimates look way more accurate. The debt Repayment date matches Vertex. There are a few items where it doesn’t show the Actuals for the month in Column L, but I do see those transactions being categorized correctly. I also see those transactions being identified in the Bill Payment tracker solution as well as the Monthly Budget solution.

Digging into this more. It seems the only items that are missing the Actual Values are the ones coming from a Manual account type.

Digging Edit 2: Seems it isn’t only manual accounts. Digging into this more, looking at the item in column U, it shows a value of $0.00, when I can see them in Transactions, Balance History, Categories, Monthly Budgets, etc.

I dug a little deeper, @branadonshutter, and I think I understand the problem. The issue is that the payments that register in columns “March Actuals” (L) and “Paid in Period” (U) are payments RECEIVED against the loan account.

Essentially, a typical loan payment is expected to come in a pair:

  1. An outflow against a different (payment) account (e.g. -$200 from your Checking account)
  2. A (matching) inflow against the loan account (e.g. +$200 to “Student Loan”)

There is a fussy SUMIF() in U8:U that finds and sums transactions in the period MATCHING THE SECOND PART OF THOSE PAIRS. Only transactions in your Transactions sheet in the current month meeting the following criteria will be added:

  • Transactions/Account column matches the loan name (e.g. “Student Loan” in this example)
  • Transactions/Amount is positive— MUST BE A CREDIT TO THE ACCOUNT

When I took a peek at your sheet, I could see that you had transactions against the loan accounts, but they were (negative) outflow payments (i.e. the first part of the pair).

For loans where the outflow and inflow accounts are linked with Tiller Money Feeds, this process should be automatic.

For manual accounts, you will need to create one or both sides of these transactions with the the Manual Transaction workflow in the Tiller Money Labs add-on. For most users, the outflow (e.g. checking) account will be linked but the loan account may be a manual account. In this case, follow the Adding Manual Transactions steps to create a payment received against the loan account. Note that there is a cool hack in this workflow for manual accounts that allows you update the balance of the manually-tracked account in the same operation.

I hope this gets you up and running, @branadonshutter.

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Thanks for all the info Randy, I’ll take some time to digest it and get back to you. What’s interesting at first glance, however, is that even some of the connected accounts don’t work. I’ll get back to you when I get some time to read through everything. Thanks again!

I have the same problem I have a connected account that I still have to create a manual “recieved” transaction for. I dunno why that account doesn’t so inward activity.

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Update: we’re all good to go. My manual accounts have updates via the “Add Transaction” feature, and the connected account that wasn’t pulling in the payment isn’t Tiller’s fault, it just doesn’t pull in the transactions I guess. Making another manual transaction fixed that issue.

Thanks so so much @randy and @mmgalliv for the team work to figure this all out!

Great news, @branadonshutter. So glad we were able to get to the bottom of this.

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