Transactions showing up later than Account Filter

Good morning!

Is it normal for transactions to show up in the “Account Filter” sheet before they hit the “Transactions” sheet? The Transactions sheet seems to lag a day or so behind the Account Filter sheet.

For an example, I have 2 transactions that have cleared my checking account, they both show up on the Account Filter sheet, but do not show up on the Transactions sheet yet. Curious if this is normal or if I have something set up incorrectly.



Account Filter is an optional add-on filter. I don’t use it, but if it has transaction information, it is getting it from the Transactions sheet. This suggests to me that maybe you have some kind of filter enabled on your Transactions sheet that is filtering out recent transactions. You might also try a search on the Transactions page just in case the transactions aren’t sorted as you are expecting. The transaction has to be there somewhere, you’re just not seeing it.

I am not familiar with the account filtering but I am definetly seeing some sort of delay or disconnect with the transactions that I receive in my Tiller Daily Update email versus what I see in my transactions sheet.

Specifically I have an email sent 1/2/24 showing multiple transactions from December 2023. They are italicized so they are a few days old. In the meantime on my transactions sheet I have several newer transactions from this year from the same credit account. So these transactions just don’t show up.

Thanks for the reply, I was able to find the transactions, something was jacked with the sorting.