Debt Planner Sheet Manual Account Question

Using the Debt Planner sheet and I have entered a manual debt account for Penfed which doesn’t link to feeds. However I can track the payments from my checking going out. I’d like to be able to add those payments to the amount paid for the month column.

At one point in my life I could probably figure out how to do that in Excel. Now in Sheets I’d probably blow the entire thing up. Can anyone tell me if adding this formula to the one cell in debt planner will mess up the sheet, and what the formula for pulling this one payment every month in to the cell?

I would imagine you would have to search the transactions sheet, for that month, for the payment made from checking to Penfed. Just don’t know how to write it. Thanks for your help.

As you probably know, the Debt Planner runs off of changes to the balance at the end of the month for hopefully a linked account. In other words, anything you did to pay down the debt from your checking account will be reflected in a reduced balance in the debt account.

While what you’re suggesting is definitely possible, @MoMentum, I think the path of least resistance for better support, maintenance, and reduced headaches is to just enter a manual monthly balance update based on that checking-account payment.