Help Adding Manual Account in Debt Snowball Template (New User)

So, I have just started using Tiller and I am loving it. I am starting a debt snowball sheet and I have no problem adding accounts that feed. However, I can not see anywhere to add a manual debt. I watched the video and it suggests adding that on the accounts tab, but my tab looks different than the one in the video. The sheet in the video actually has a “Configure: Manually Entered Accounts” section. What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to Tiller Money, @jasonmullins777. Glad you’re having some early success! :wink:

Which debt snowball template are you using?

  • Debt Progress
  • Debt Planner (Prototype)

(The latter is newer and more performant!)

To add a manual account (i.e. one that is not linked to your automated bank feeds), use the Tiller Money Feeds (not Labs) add-on and click on Manual Accounts. Once you add an account with this workflow, you should be able to include it in your debt planning template.

I am using the Debt Progress, but may switch to Debt planner knowing that. I was trying to add it through the labs add-on and not feeds. Thanks for the help!

Definitely give the Debt Planner a try. It’s as better tool and your loan configuration should port over pretty seamlessly. Good luck.