I need help with adding the Debt Snowball Template

I’m a new user and am doing ok for the most part with the tiller foundations template. That said, I am trying to install the debt snowball add on from the tiller add ons, but I cannot find it. I’ve tried to follow the instructions I’ve been able to find within the Tiller community, but it seems different that what I’m seeing within my google sheet where it has the extensions/add-ons. Within the Tiller money feeds panel where it says templates the only options I see are the templates I already have installed. I’m not sure how or where to find other templates to install. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Extensions\Tiller Community Solutions\Solutions\Add a Solution
Change the dropdown in the windows that opens to ‘Debt’. I don’t see “Debt Snowball” but I see “Debt Planner” as an available template, which says ‘snowball’ is a strategy you can use.

As @jpfieber notes, the “Debt Planner” template superseded the “Debt Progress” template. If you haven’t installed the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on, you will need that to add the template.

Thank you for your response. It looks like the issue was that the add on did not install properly. It only showed a help option when I opened it. I uninstalled and then reinstalled and it appears to be working properly now. I appreciate your help!

Great news. Thanks for hanging in there, @coachdraudt.