Issues with adding accounts to Debt Progress Sheet

Hi, watched vide on Debt Progress sheet setup but for some reason my manual account won’t populate into the debt progress sheet?

What am I doing wrong? :upside_down_face:

Good question, @fitnesscoach. The team is actively working on workflows and best practices for creating and updating manual accounts in your Tiller spreadsheet. (The bound-script workflow in the old version of the Accounts sheet could not be maintained and had some limitations).

For now, manual accounts must be added and updated manually by creating new rows in Balance History. Make sure your Balance History sheet contains an Account Id column (add one if not). Each manually-tracked account will need its own unique account id. (Tiller sheets no longer use the Index column. In the past, the feedbot assigned unique indices to linked accounts, but the manual-balances bound script assigned 9,999 to all manually-tracked accounts.)

This help article should point you in the right direction.

If you follow the steps above and the manual account is still not appearing in the Accounts sheet, let me know.