Duplicate transactions; Transaction sheet functionality broken

I don’t use the statements sheet and the duplicates are continuing to happen for me.

The Manage duplicates tool doesn’t catch them either. (Also annoying, the mange duplicates tool seems to forget the unflagged transactions from the past and that requires re-reviewing them).

@lightcap, are these duplicates for a specific account or ALL accounts connected?

They seem to be happening only for two accounts (same bank). Summit Bank in Bend, Oregon.

@heather I think I’ve traced it to the fact that the bank changes the description when the transaction goes from pending to posted. I have no idea why they do it, but there’s some numbers that change in the description.

@lightcap that makes sense and actually isn’t too unusual for some institutions. We hope to be able to address that in the future, but it’s a ways out. I’d recommend just removing one of the instances. We haven’t had much luck with our data provider correcting duplicates like this.

Also, closing this topic because the original bug that was causing this has been fixed. If others are experiencing duplicate transactions please review our guide on duplicates reference here and use the chat to let our team know if they’re persistent for more than a week from today (i.e. the day you’re reading this :wink: )