Missing transactions after new year changeover

Hi, I like to use a new Gsheet for each new year. I tried to archive my 2022 and create a 2023, and tiller has successfully grabbed new Tx from 1/11/23 to 1/17/23 but I think it is missing some Tx from before 1/11. How do I make sure it has all Tx from all accounts? Thanks

did you create a brand new sheet or did you copy over the 2022? If you copied over the 2022, and if tiller had already pulled over some 2023 data it’s not going to pull it again, you’ll need to try clearing out the balances and have it re-pull

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Another option is to add an entirely new worksheet link from the tiller dashboard, this will pull all available data at the time (maybe about a month or so) if you only want 2023 then feel free to delete any pre 2023 entries from the list a well as balance history entries if you’d like

I am getting Tx’s delivered to my new 2023 sheet, but I’m getting some double Tx’s now. I don’t trust the data and that makes me edgy. I’ve made sure all accounts were relevant and updated. Advice?

Hmm I’m not quite sure why you would be getting duplicates but i definitely understand why it would make you edgy about the results.

Maybe a one time transition issue caused the duplicates? You could try removing the duplicates with the duplicate finder tool and then keep an eye for a while to see if it is continuing to occur and if so I imagine that would be something you’d need to escalate to Tiller support 1 on 1 in the tiller dashboard.

Thanks, I’ll flag duplicates and hope for the best!

Definitely reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login if you need more help. We can troubleshoot all of the above :slight_smile: