Restored a previous sheet version and integration broke

Hi all, I added 2 rows above the heading row on my Transaction sheet to do a calculation and then restored a previous version of my sheet. I then restored an even older version to remove the remove my added rows and my sheet is no longer getting new transactions. I seem to have broken the connection.

Additionally, all my reporting sheets are now blank despite the transactions existing in Transactions sheet. See below an image. This sheet along with every other sheet in my workbook used to be filled with data:

Any advice?

I recommend you email

Have been trying to resolve through but experiencing slow response times. Still unresolved…

Hi the same thing happened to me. I resolved by finding the version that I wanted and then “creating a copy” instead of trying to restore the version. Worked like a charm. After checking the version, I moved the problem version to the trash and renamed the sheet to the original name.

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Just a heads up on this, if you re-ran the Tiller Money Feeds add-on in the copy of the sheet (assuming it’s being fed by that one) then you’d likely experience duplicate transactions upon the first sheet update after you linked the sheet to the Console via the Feeds add-on. Was that the case?

I assumed that I would because of the warning prompt, however I did not. I went through the sheet prior to moving the original to the trash and no duplicates.

Thanks for the feedback here. Glad that warning prompt worked :wink: