Entering income in transaction sheet

Currently I’ve been entering income in an estimated way each month but would like to update when the formal w-2 comes out and spread it evenly between all months. Is there an easy way to do that via formulas?
Or does the community generally just have it coded when the transaction hits the bank. (I only have CC transactions pulled no cash)

I’m not sure I totally understand your workflow. Are you inputting monthly or yearly estimates? Are you talking about a W2 at year end?

I basically try to imitate the monthly paycheck, with 12 estimate entries; at at year end depending on taxes, bonuses, misc that amount will change. I do the same for ira/401k contributions. So I’ll go back and take the year total, divide by 12 and update. is there a way to update in a more streamline method? or have the income section of the budgets, business dashboard pull from a separate sheet for income

You’re saying you seed 12 records interspersed through 2023 based on 2022 values? Or you retroactively break a 2022 payout into 12 manual transactions over the prior 12 months?

Both, so for 2022 i took what i expect for 2022 and broke it into 12 transactions. and now that the year has ended i go back and edit based on what actually happened based on my w-2. And I do this for the gross income, taxes, and retirement savings. Now i’m doing the same for 2023.

I’m confused why you would need to do this as a transaction - isn’t the Categories tab used for exactly this purpose? You input your expected income per month in there, as your budget, then the actual transactions come through your linked accounts as you go through the year. I do the same thing with all my taxes and retirement savings etc. Then each month, when my paycheck comes through, I split the net pay out into the appropriate categories.

Blockquote when the actual transactions come through your linked accounts as you go through the year

I implied the above, but it seems like you’ve linked your bank account to tiller, and so all cash transaction get captured, I don’t, because if i did, i would be deleting 90% of the transactions.

And so i was wondering if there was an easier way on tiller. I used to use just excel in which i just used a separate tab, but migrated to tiller becuase the manual data pull was a pain. maybe once excel becomes as robust as the sheets version i’ll re-migrate.

If bank accounts and credit cards aren’t linked… then how can you track anything? That’s kind of the whole purpose of using an online option such as Tiller, as opposed to doing manual spreadsheets? I’m not sure why you think you would be “deleting 90% of transactions” if your bank account were linked - are you not trying to track expenditures?

To clarify only my CC’s are linked; cash accounts are not.
And it seems there’s no good solutions for my current setup.

@ctlee are you able to get an exported CSV from the bank for these transactions?

After you export them you can modify the transactions as needed before manually importing.

Here are some community built options for Google Sheets to help automate the manual import:

Does that help?