EOM Balance Tracker

The goal is to help keep my budget targeted at a defined EOM net liquid balance. After all the +'s and -'s of the month, I should have 2000,CAD. This dashboard allows me to keep everything pointed in the right direction, and highlights when something has gone awry (balance not as expected, transaction missed etc).

This dashboard was the reason I use Tiller and not YNAB. I could never figure out where I was going to be, and budgeting to 0 isn’t always easy. Sometimes I’d spend too much in a month, and would need to budget to a +X value to get back to my goal of 2000. This +X was very difficult to calculate, after I factor in work expenses to be paid back, expenses that I’m only partially responsible for (half of a dinner out) etc etc… This does all the calculations.

Hard coded excel sheet that I set up to manage my specific accounts, using index match matches to pull in values from the monthly budget. Set up is a bit time consuming, but it updates automatically


This is a great solution to automate splitting these expenses and tracking balances. Thanks for sharing (and welcome to the Tiller community!).

@james.mclachlin, great submission! We’ve tagged it challenge2019 to enter you into the Builder’s Challenge.