Excel Online Seems to Work!

On a whim I thought I’d try opening my Tiller spreadsheet with Excel online, and everything seems to work just fine!

Did I miss somewhere that this would work?

Hang on. I might be wrong. Don’t anybody get too excited yet…

It worked for me with the exception of Tiller Syncing generated a few errors and wouldn’t complete the sync - and then suddenly it worked. Go figure!

@dan2, if your sheet was originally stored on OneDrive using the add-in via Excel Online should work. Please let me know if that’s not the case. It’s been a while since we’ve tested that and don’t think many of our customers using Excel use the online version so there could be a bug introduced by Microsoft updates to the online platform.

I did miss something then. Sheesh. It does seem to work just fine at the moment.

The cool part about Excel Online is that the category selection seems to work a bit more smoothly than it does on the desktop version.

The bad part is the initial “Calculating” when opening the sheet TAKES FOREVER.

Thanks for the feedback, @dan2!