Expats in Mexico / Mexican $ Tracking + Tiller?

Hi All!

I just moved from US to Mexico :mexico:

As I start engaging more with the banking system here, I’m wondering whether Tiller can continue to work for me.

Looking forward to any tips about this.

Any other expats here in Mexico or other countries? :blush:

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You can add a column to your Transaction sheets and fill that in with the peso information, for the date of the transaction.
For Mexican banks, I assume it’ll have to be manual entries, but you can then fill in USD, the same way.

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Hi @GeorgeKao

If you’re still using US Banks then you should have no issues with continuing to use Tiller though @yossiea is right you may want to build in some currency conversion - that’s not something we currently support right now. Our templates are built for a single currency, USD.

If you transition to using a Mexican bank then you may run into issues. While you may find it in the search results we haven’t had a lot of success with getting banks in Mexico reliably connected.

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Not an expat, but we spend summers in Canada and bank there as well. Assuming your institutions in Mexico work with Tiller, you may find these tips useful.

I maintain a separate Tiller workbook for our Canadian bank accounts, whose transactions are in $CAD, of course. I’ve added a sheet that captures each day’s closing currency exchange rate for USD/CSD, using an =GoogleFinance function.

I added a column to the Transactions sheet that looks up the logged exchange rate for each transactions date, and calculates the USD equivalent for that transaction on that day.

This is only accurate up to a point. Any deposit I make to these Canadian accounts locks in the US rate on the day of that deposit, so the US cost to me of those Canadian dollars doesn’t change no matter when I spend them. It also does not reflect any fees or expenses incurred when the currency was exchanged. However, it gives me a pretty accurate read on the comparable cost of any individual transaction.

In my US Tiller sheets, transfers to our Canadian accounts are categorized as Canada. I split those outgoing amounts to track transaction costs such as wire transfer fees, etc. In the Canadian Tiller sheet, I track all the local expenditures to typical categories such as gas, groceries, restaurants, etc.

While not being able to see all our financial activity in one workbook, I can see how much of our US dollars are being allocated to our expenses in Canada, and I have a categorized record of how our our Canadian dollars are spent, along with an approximate record of their USD equivalents.

Hope this is useful. Let me know if you find other helpful ways to manage your cross-currency finances.


Thanks for sharing, @GregC. I know many users are interested in alternate-currency workflows and this is about as robust and detailed of a workflow as I’ve seen shared.

Well done. :clap:

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