Exploratory questions

Hello All,

I am thinking to move away from YNAB and over to TIller. My bank accounts are in Switzerland (CHF currency). My investment accounts are with Fidelity in USA currency.

Does Tiller allow for direct importing from Swiss based accounts (UBS or Credit Suisse)? If not, is there a standard CSV, OFX, SWIFT upload format I can use for manual uploading of my bank transactions?

If I can manually upload my bank transactions once a week or so, will Tiller automatically categorize based on the rules I define?

What I am really looking to do is:

  1. Determine how much I spend and in what categories my expenses are each month
  2. Set a budget and see how much is left to spend in which categories (both monthly and longer term “vacation” categories) - aka Envelope budgeting.

Thanks in advance for your support!

The Tiller communiity has a CSV template and feed for any bank account that can’t be connected. You set up your own rules in an auto cat sheet. I have found both tools very effective in getting my transactions into the sheet. Plus there is tons of help and information on line to help along the way!

Consider the Basic Bank CSV workflow.

Yes, using AutoCat.