Tiller vs. Banking Software

Hi everyone - We’re trying to decide if Tiller is right for us. I know a lot of banks have what seem to be decent tools on their site for account holders. For those of you with similar types of setups (like PNC), I was wondering if anyone would share their opinion of what made you decide to go with Tiller vs. your bank’s website tools.

In advance, thank you!

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For me, the main reason was having everything in one place, instead of checking stuff in one website, and credit card stuff in multiple websites. Beyond that, I like being able to customize my setup to show/reveal what’s important to me. Most of the bank websites are pretty basic and not at all customizable.


In addition to what was said, I like that I have one sheet with a year or so of history. With a bank, it’s really difficult to deal with that large of a dataset, and be able to slice and dice.
Honestly, it was worth it for me to try the trial and see if I like Tiller, no harm in that. Then, as I got more comfortable, I was able to use the raw data in more ways than the bank and other programs allow.


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I’ll let the community chime in with their own feedback, but for me personally it’s been the ability to touch each transaction and categorize it and interact with my money in a way that isn’t possible with a bank website. I don’t use AutoCat because I want to touch each transaction. This helped me make some big changes in my life around where my money was going that didn’t align with my values a few years ago.



Hi @heather: Thanks for connecting the all-important driver of financial planning, values, to Tiller. Values drive everything, as you know, and, like you, my wife and I use the tool first to express our values and then to see if we are living out what matters according to them.

Life: its too short to live it in a fog.

So cool. Thanks again.

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I am a tinkerer, @jesse.reisman. I usually have some vision for what I want and before long I usually start bumping up against the reality of the tools I’m using. This was true for me with online banking tools— as @jpfieber notes: “most of the bank websites are pretty basic and not at all customizable.”

What I love about Tiller is that I can make the data my own. This includes both consolidating and organizing it in custom ways that are intuitive to me and also knowing that everything I put into the data set is easily exportable in a non-proprietary format whenever I want— should I change banks or move on to different tools and workflows.

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Thank you everyone for the thoughtful responses. Very, very much appreciated.

(While it probably won’t be Friday when other people read this, for those reading it today, have a fantastic weekend :))