Newbie Here - My Personal Experience with Tiller

Life is already complicated, so getting my finances in order before I die is on my bucket list.

I’d rather be gardening :farmer:t3: , washing the stinky :dog: I rescued or :soap: the house then doing my finances. Its never easy learning a new app or software. But here we all are, trying to do good in this world, by getting organized. I really hope Tiller works out :wink:

When I signed up, it only gave me a 30-day trial, so I canceled :stop_sign: my subscription right away, there is no way a Noob like me can learn a new software in 30 days! I went ahead and contacted support via chat, and they made it 60-day as advertised on the Microsoft Money Excel website. :white_check_mark:

Tiller Support :kissing_heart: has actually been pretty responsive.

:name_badge: Adding a bank account is not going so well. But I will go through all the steps via the Tiller Bot Chat, I call Angel :innocent:

Angel :innocent: gave me the link to the Supported Bank List :white_check_mark:
[Tiller’s List of Supported Financial Institutions (April 2023) - Google Sheets]
This website will not allow me to paste list :person_gesturing_no:
Use CTRL + F to find your bank faster on the list page

Already tried incognito with Edge, it didn’t work! :frowning_face:
Already tried on Chrome, it didn’t work! :slightly_frowning_face:

Called my bank and they removed security questions, but it will take a few for that feature to disable. :crossed_fingers: will try again later. time to put clothes in the washing machine.

Welcome to Tiller and thanks for sharing!

For you connection error, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at Once you talk to the bot long enough Angel will pass your conversation to our team and we can see what the issue is.

Angel already pass me over to support :grinning:

How did it go, @m.armadillo? Were you able to add some bank accounts?