New user setup and already many issues

I am on my free trial of Tiller as a former Mint user. I have heard good things about Tiller so decided to try it out but at this point I am incredibly unimpressed for something with a monthly subscription. Here are my issues so far -

  1. Simply will not allow me to connect my Optum Financial HSA despite the fact that it is clearly supported in Tiller’s List of Supported Financial Institutions.
  2. My 401k only shows balance - will not bring in transactions.
  3. When I try to refresh my CIT Bank, MFA shows me 3 phone numbers that I don’t recognize. Works fine on the website showing my real phone number to send the code to for authentication but not on Tiller refresh.

And finally, now as I try to add more new accounts it’s telling me I’ve reached the max attempts?? How is that possible if it’s the first time? I have of course tried to use the chat icon and I got some automated response.

As I’ve mentioned I’m supremely unimpressed by this service so far. I will wait to see what the response is to my above issues but for something you are expected to pay for (at least Mint was free), I expect things to work or at least real time customer service.

Good evening and happy Thanksgiving. I am relatively new myself. I can say that I have gotten timely and helpful replies to a few inquiries I’ve made. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and Tiller is a small team so you may need to be patient. I’d be sure to follow the protocol that Tiller provides for reporting broken accounts. Unfortunately, that happens with the different aggregators these sites use, and they can’t fix them until they know about them.

For what it’s worth, I now have all of my accounts up-and-running with Tiller. That’s the first time I’ve ever had them all working with any of these types of financial sites. Not Mint. Not Personal Capital/Empower. Not Copilot. Not Monarch. But Tiller got them all working.


@stevemes Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues connecting your accounts. As @dmetiller notes, your best bet for any feeds related issues is to reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at The team has been pretty slammed with the holiday and the Mint cutover but I believe they are trying to prioritize getting new users up and running. If you suspect an institution outage, this resource is a great place to check.

@dmetiller Our team is so grateful for your note. I’m glad to hear you persevered and managed to get your spreadsheet to a good place. Let us know if there is ever anything we can do to help.