Experience with Google Data Studio or BigQuery?

Has anyone used Google Data Studio or BigQuery to run ETL jobs on their Tiller data? As I continue building out my arsenal of spreadsheets, I keep running into limitations with or having to resort to complex calculations to aggregate data for reports in Google Sheets.

For example, I have a spreadsheet that I use to calculate daily credit card debt (checking balance - sum of all credit cards). Now, Tiller doesn’t always report the balance for some credit cards every day. If the balance was not reported for a specific date, it throws off the calculation for that day. My solution to this was to write a Google Apps Script that will calculate the balance for a given day and defaults to the balance on the closest previous date. However, this isn’t very performance so my spreadsheet now takes ~15-30s to load on open.

Google Data Studio and BigQuery have piqued my interest because they can plug into my Tiller data stored in Google Sheets. From there I can run nightly jobs that will transform my data and generate new tables, reports, etc. For example, I would love to convert my credit card debt spreadsheet to a nightly job that runs the calculation.

I’m curious if anyone here has played around with Google Data Studio or BigQuery at all, and if so, what sort of things you have built with it?

Played around with Google Data Studio for a bit because I’ve also had trouble w/ google sheets performance issues. Seems promising as the transactions tab and balance history tabs are essentially mini databases from which to build reporting off of, but I have not pursued it any further than that initial time.

Per the issue of credit card balances not being updated everyday, I’m having the same issue and this shouldn’t be the case per the ‘Frequency of Balance History Updates?’ discussion. Perhaps you could share your experience on that discussion as well to see if we can get this issue resolved.

@benlcollins has a lot of experience with Google Data Studio and may have some resources on his website. www.benlcollins.com

As for the balance updates, I just replied over on the other thread @jtbarron - I think it’s just that the account was disconnected (either because of needing 2FA codes or intermittent errors), but let me know if that doesn’t seem to be the case.