Fidelity outage ETA 2/24?

The outage sheet has the ETA for the new Fidelity investments and Net Benefits outage at 2/24.

That’s 10 days on stale Tiller for my investment and banking accounts.

Please say it’s not going to take 10 days. Please!

In my experience, if a bank gets put on the outage list by Yodlee, it’s usually for a couple of weeks with a rolling “fix date”. Tiller customer support has told me to not report it your bank is on the list, as Yodlee is aware of the issue and working on it. So don’t hold your breath for a quick fix. One of my banks has been “broken” since last September! I’ve given up that I’ll ever have automatic sync for it. I don’t think Yodlee is the best of the integrators and I am glad that Tiller is actively working on several new integrators. In my experience, a combination of MX and Plaid keeps the syncs working. That is what YNAB uses (YNAB is my backup budget where syncing is very well handled and most of the time working.) Actually, what I’ve done is use YNAB API to get my transactions into Tiller sheets. It actually works very well (if you are a spreadsheet nerd like I am)
You might try reaching out to Tiller customer service and get an update from them.
Also, I might say that the banking institutions have always seemed reluctant to have the integrators logging into their customer accounts and tend to throw as many road blocks as they can if syncing is broken. I am waiting for the day when all banks use OAuth for security!

You mileage really may vary on this one. Platforms using MX and Plaid could never get all of my institutions working. Tiller using Yodlee has worked (mostly) like a charm, though I’m hoping this Fidelity thing doesn’t linger too long. There are so many financial institutions out there that it’s hard to know which aggregator is going to be best for anybody (which is why Tiller’s addition of another aggregator on top of Yodlee rather than replacing Yodlee makes a lot of sense).

Also noticing issue where all of a sudden I can’t sync with Fidelity. With an institution as big as Fidelity, this should be fixed ASAP.

Fidelity synced perfectly and quickly for me just now. Problem appears to have been fixed.

Woohoo! Same here. Phew.

You are right, mileage will definitely vary from user to user. One issue I have that many don’t, is I live in Canada and use Canadian banks. I think Yodlee concentrates on the banks with the most users, which would be primarily in the USA. So that would be one reason American users would see less issues than a Canadian one would. Our banks are simply low priority compared to the higher volume US banks. Also, the success in syncing also depends on the resources available to find, analyze and “bird dog” sync issues. It looks like Tiller knows they need more people, that is a good start.

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