Fidelity Investments Issue

Trying to add my new 401k through my employer at Fidelity Investments. I can login through the website but trying to add account through Tiller dashboard gives me the “unexpected error, try again later” message.

Ok, now it worked. Not sure what the issue was but was able to add now.

I just tried adding my Netbenefits account (only option was through Fidelity Investments option) as I work at Amazon. However, when successfully pulling the 401K account, all I get is the last month’s balance and no transactions. Anyone have an idea how to resolve? I really want to avoid manually importing the transactions.


Are you still not seeing recent balances and transactions?

If not, please reach out via the chat tool on the Console ( for more help. We’re better equipped to help you through that channel.

I have not. Will do now. Thanks!

@heather @mark.chien

I think there is an ongoing issue with Fidelity downloading Investment Transactions since around 6/25. I have been working with Selina on it via the Tiller Console chat tool.

I am getting cash deposits and cleared checks, but no stock sales, dividend deposits, etc.

She has not been able to resolve the issue for me yet.

Okay. That sounds about right. I think I only added my Fidelity account to Tiller around that time. I’m missing balance history since Jan.

I am getting regular updated balance history for all my Fidelity accounts. I am just not getting transaction downloads in many of them. My Fidelity accounts have been loaded into Tiller since Dec 2019.

For instance, on 6/30, most of them posted some kind of dividend activity that I can see when I log into Fidelity. However, only 2 accounts that are primarily cash only holdings actually downloaded transactions to Tiller. The Fidelity credit card is also downloading transactions via the Fidelity login credentials.

Hopefully you reaching out to the support team via the console chat will give them more data to figure out what happened and get it fixed for us.

@mark.chien, if you just added your Fidelity accounts near the end of June we’re only going to pull in Balance History from that day forward.

@heather @mark.chien

FYI - all of my missing downloads from Fidelity appeared this afternoon. I’ve let Selina know in the Console chat. I don’t know why they didn’t download between 6/25 and 7/6, but they are all there now.

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