Fidelity Credit Card Transactions not loading

My account page on tiller shows my Fidelity Credit cards as updated as of today and the tiller sheet shows the Fidelity Credit card accounts as connected to the sheet, but I don’t get transactions since about 70 days loaded into the tiller sheet. It’s strange, as I also have other Fidelity accounts as part of the same group of Fidelity accounts, and they load the transactions just fine, it’s only the credit card accounts that don’t load the transactions. Any hints? Anyone else seeing this? This used to work for years without me changing anything. Looks like something in the back end either at Fidelity or tiller has changed.

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@heather This is exactly my situation too. Blake

@heather @Blake I have a Fidelity account for trades and it hasn’t worked for about a week now. Not sure if that’s related or just coincidence. Was going to contact Tiller support soon about it.

@jpfieber @Blake @engineer3003

Looks like these could be part of a known outage.

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It’s been so long since a had an account problem I forgot about the Institutional Outages spreadsheet! Thanks Brad!

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@heather Since Fidelity Investments is my primary financial services provider, and Fidelity Visa is my primary spending source, I am in a real dilemma with year-end tax planning underway and no Visa data for almost a month now. This is the first major issue I have had with Tiller, but data reliability and availability are what I am paying for and relying on. The Outages spreadsheet has now been bumped to 12/6/2021, but at this point I have no confidence in that date - it just seems to be a rolling date. I have a lot invested in Tiller and will not quickly abandon it, but maybe it is time to look at different data aggregators?

@brian1, I hear hear you. I am frustrated too. At times Fidelity is terrible. I had been with Fidelity for 20+ years and a few years ago I moved everything to Etrade. Much less problems. The Fidelity website is behind the times. It feels like I am back in the 1980’s. From a customer perspective, they really messed up regarding the Emoney acquisition. These Tiller feed issues can move real slow. I have had many and my experience has been that oftentimes the answer is that you just need to wait. I have probably been the biggest complainer and at the end of the day the answer is wait. That is not acceptable to me but it is either accept it or leave. Regarding the idea of another aggregator, I have mentioned that too. The answer I get is something like we are going in that direction but it I believe it will be years away. I ask for more specifics and I really get nothing. Wow! I just looked at that outages spreadsheet and it is 350 rows long. It has been awhile since I have looked at it but recall it never being over 50, if even that. To me this seems to indicate the problem is getting worse. Good luck. Blake

If this is still an issue…

If you are using your main Fidelity login credentials to access your investment accounts AND your Visa card, there is a workaround if you also have a different login credential at for the Visa credit card.

Add the Elan Financial login to your account list and unlink the credit card from your grouped Fidelity login. It will be a little bit of work to merge the accounts and get rid of the duplicate entries, but it is working and has been working for me with no problems.

Hope this helps someone out.

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FYI, My investment account started working again a couple days ago. Give it a try with fingers crossed!

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My Fidelity credit card transactions are still not being pulled in. My investment account is being pulled. Seems that Yodlee is still not able to process Fidelity credit card transactions.

Any update on when the issue will be resolved?

The last time my Fidelity credit card transactions were pulled was over 60 days ago.

I’m having the same problem, but I think I found a workaround using Elan Financial Services, the institution behind the Fidelity Rewards Visa. First, create an account at http-myaccountaccess-com. Then add your Elan account to Tiller, and download the transactions that way.

@jwp66 Yeah, I was hoping to avoid adding a separate account in order to avoid duplicate transactions.

I went ahead and bit the bullet and followed the advice of @jwp66 and @martha.rudkin. Having to repair/reconcile balance history, remove duplicate transactions, and ensure data integrity was a painful, but the work is done.

Since moving to Elan for the transactions feed, I have not experienced any issues.

Thanks for the update @kgryte. We are still working with our data provider to understand if this is the best plan long term (e.g. have they stopped supporting credit cards at the primary Fidelity site and everyone should transition and aggregate under the Elan site or whether it’s just a temporary glitch and support for credit cards will resume… and then require the same de-dup effort)

I also switched over to fidelityrewards and that worked for a few months, but now that one stopped, too. Tiller gives me the 'Technical Error: Uh oh, It looks like we’re having issues connecting to this site for some reason…". I hope it’s only temporary. Did the fidelityrewards workaround stop working for others, too?

The issue persists, although the error is now “Data is Unavailable. Hmm, it looks like we are having issues with your account for some reason…”

Hi @engineer3003,

There is currently an outage with Fidelity Rewards Visa.


I’ve not been able to connect to my Fidelity account for a long time now. I don’t see them on the Outages list. I double-checked the login credentials.

Hi @gsessions7, there is an ongoing issue with Fidelity visa. More on that here:

Hi @gsessions7, my Fidelity account transactions are working fine.

I have one Fidelity login for all accounts except our 2 Fidelity Visa cards. For those I use the Elan Financial link to Tiller instead (read above in this thread - this is the workaround for at least a couple of us).

If it was working for you previously, you are going to get a duplicate account to merge and then clean out duplicate entries, but the time spent doing that is worth it to start getting your data downloads working again.