Missing transactions & balances for one of two Fidelity accounts

I have 2 Fidelity accounts configured in Tiller. One is working perfectly and I’m seeing all the transactions and balance histories. The other has not had any entries in either the Balance History or Transactions sheets since Feb 3, but everything looks fine in the Account Summary section of sheets.tillerhq.com and editing the credentials for the account in the Tiller Money Feeds sidebar works fine and shows the correct current balances (different from Feb 3, if it matters). I have tried removing/re-adding the account in the sidebar, but no joy. Any hints how to get the account unstuck and download the transactions/balances that Tiller appears to be receiving?

I had a similar issue recently with Fidelity too. I had to reach out to Tiller support and it took about 30 days to resolve. I recommend you reach out to support too. This may be a workaround to use in the meantime - If the problematic account is a joint account, try adding the account to Tiller using the spouse’s Fidelity sign in credentials. It worked for me. Question - Did you do anything weird recently, like have a new representative assigned to your account or do anything with Emoney/Full View? Cheers, Blake

If the problematic account is a joint account

We do have 2 sets of credentials with some shared accounts, but the accounts having the issue are only visible with my wife’s credentials.

Did you do anything weird recently

Certainly nothing that we initiated.

I recommend you reach out to support too.

Will do, thanks much for the reply!

Another Fidelity customer here with download issues recently.

We have 2 separate login credentials (husband/wife) but each login can see all the accounts except for the Fidelity Visa cards (we each have our own separate Visa card). With Tiller, one login gets all the accounts plus that person’s Visa card and the second login gets just the other person’s Visa card.

We had previous issues with using the Elan Financial logins for the credit cards (Elan’s problem, not Tiller’s) and Elan’s solution was for me to download the Visa transactions using my Fidelity login credentials. That’s why we use the 2 Fidelity logins with Tiller now.

Earlier in March, the first login (getting all the multiple accounts data) was showing updated refresh timestamps, but there were no new transactions and balance history was not being updated either. The second login (getting one Visa card) was working just fine. If I tried to manually refresh, it would try and get to the Gathering Account Data spinning circle, spin for awhile, and end. The timestamp would not change and there no new transactions or balance histories. I could do this for several times in a row at various times during the day - and this went on for over a week. I was not trying to do anything during the 2 time windows each day that Fidelity locks out Yodlee - because I have to re-enter my password if I forget and do that.

I reached out to support and am not sure if they did anything, but it has started working like normal again as of a couple of days ago. All the missing transactions downloaded once it really connected again. I told support I would reach out again if the issues came back, but for now they could mark it as resolved for me.

There is nothing new going on with our Fidelity accounts - the last new account had been opened in Oct 2020, same advisor, no closed accounts, etc.

If you are sharing your passwords with each other anyway, you might try opening up access within Fidelity where you and your wife can see each other’s accounts and then let the login that appears to be working try to scoop the data from all the accounts.