Missing Fidelity credit card transactions

I have a google spreadsheet which has a number of Fidelity investments accounts including my signature Visa. For months, my signature visa transactions are missing and not importing. Moreover, the balance for the account is incorrect. I placed a ticket with Tiller and a rep i never used before answered me with a basic recommendation to make sure the account is checked (it is) and then closed the ticket without resolving it. Now that was really annoying. My problem persists and I have to create a new ticket. Can i get some escalation please? The lack of these transactions has thrown me off for months.

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve had an annoying experience. The Fidelity Investments connection does have a widespread outage right now, so we are unable to dig in further to see why you are missing data until that outage is resolved.

When there’s an outage it means our data provider is already working on a broken connection so if we tried to escalate your missing data, we’d be blocked from getting any progress.

You can check in on the status of this issue, and whether the ETA is being extended, on this dashboard: Institution Alerts - Google Sheets.