Fidelity Investments Rewards Visa

Has anyone else had issues with the Fidelity Investment accounts? Yesterday, it downloaded a handful of transactions from earlier in September (duplicates) and today it downloaded new transactions that are old, but weren’t downloaded previously (a 10 day gap from earlier in October). Thoughts?

My Fidelity accounts and Visa cards are working fine and have been for quite some time. I do not get my Visa transactions from my Fidelity login, but as a separate Elan Financial credit card ( We have 2 different Fidelity credit card login credentials and another Fidelity login credential for the investment accounts (3 total).

If you search for Fidelity Visa in the community here, you will see that there have been on and off problems over time. Keeping the credit card downloads separate from the main Fidelity accounts seem to work most consistently.

Hope you are able to resolve this soon.

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Thanks! I’ll look into

Are you talking about the Visa Signature Rewards card here?

I consistently have issues where it won’t download transactions for weeks at a time. So much so that I’m considering no longer using the card and switching to another 2% cash back card.

I may need to look into that separate Elan Financial login if it helps with this issue.

I was able to easily set up the login and sync it to tiller, and it pulled in all my transactions that had not downloaded for three weeks. So I deactivated the Fidelity Investments credit card link and will use the fidelityrewards one going forward.

Thanks for the tip!

Yes, that’s what I did and it is now working fine! I think the main fidelity accounts have a blackout window during the day that doesn’t allow data to be pulled.