Updated Fidelity rewards link - no updates since April 11 posting


I had been using the elan credit card website to update my credit card transactions, that delinked a few days ago. Received an email recently about updating my fidelity login in account. Followed the steps to link my credit card through fidelity.

Was able to pull transactions from January through April 11, but nothing after.

Any ideas?

I saw the same email and followed the same procedure you did. I got transactions thru April 15 (today is the 17th), BUT all the transactions are coming in as POSITIVE dollar amounts (all other expenses come in as negative amounts) so they need to fix that otherwise we need to manually add a negative sign to everything.

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Did not notice that, but that is there as well.

Tried out going back to the google sheet and have transactions going to the 16th of April. Just not on the my excel linked sheet.

I had no transactions on the Fidelity open banking account at first. I had been using a different id and password on the Elan web site. I used the Elan web site (it still works) to change the login id and password to match what I use on the Fidelity site and the transactions started coming through right away.

We’re working with our data provider on this issue with the incorrect transaction polarity after the Fidelity credit card migration. Since there isn’t a way to continue using the old connection Fidelity anymore, you can either manually clean up the polarity of the transaction amounts in your Transactions sheet (change the positives to negatives and negatives to positives) or just manually remove those transactions and unlink that card from the spreadsheet until this is resolved.

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Noticed this is “still a thing”. Any updates as to fundamental fix ETA or clever workarounds?

It’s been a month now, and no substantive update from Tiller on when or whether it will be fixed. If this were tax season, I would be in complete crisis mode. Can’t risk that for next tax season, so unfortunately looks like Tiller is going to get kicked to the curb. Sad.

Thanks for your patience on this, our team is still working with our data provider on the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.