Fidelity Investments Connection

I have been unable to connect with Fidelity Investments for 2 months. I just called Fidelity and they told me that I should call Tiller. If i approach this in the chat, it sends me to the outage sheet which is inconclusive. I would like to know if there is a problem with the Tiller/Fidelity Investments connection in general or if it is just a problem with my connection/account.

I have a Fidelity Investments account and it has been connecting properly, so not an outage that’s affecting everyone.

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that is helpful info - thank you. Im not sure what is going on or how to resolve it. I am going to try a few options like disabling VPN, new browser, and as last resort disconnection and reconnection although i have already been through connection troubleshooting. I wouldl love to hear from tiller support on this with ideas. Thanks again

just tried with new browser and no vpn - got message attached.


@joek The primary Fidelity Investments site is not in an outage state currently. There is a known limitation with not being able to refresh during certain times of day so that could be why you’re getting the tech error, if you’re trying to refresh within the new refresh window.

Otherwise, when you write into chat just say no, there is not an outage and you’ll get to our team.

Hi Heather. I am aware of the ongoing limitation on Fidelity refreshes from my east coast late morning until around lunchtime but this is different. Everything was working great and then it wasnt. I did write to chat and chose no outage but they told me that there is an outage affecting 3pct of Fidelity users and that i had to wait until the 18th. I dont really understand why there would be an outage affecting 3pct of the users. My Fidelity account has the enhanced security with symantec but that was working fine with Tiller previously. I can even, sometimes, get to the code, and the system message says it is pulling data, and then what happens is I get the technical error. So im really confused what is causing this and i dont know how to resolve and i really dont want to keep waiting for a resolution unless i understand what is causing it.

Just chiming in here that we’ve picked this back up via our support channel. Thanks!