General calculation time of workbook

Hi Tiller friends—I have been working hard to troubleshoot the duration of calculations after making a cell change in different locations (eg, transaction value).

I think that one simple way to help speed calculation up is to have a checkbox on every worksheet that effectively disables calculation on that worksheet. This could be as simple as formulating a few cells to have an if-statement in it (“if box is checked, output blank, otherwise run the formula”). Could Tiller and the authors of custom worksheets implement a solution like this.

Has anyone else implemented good solutions for this problem?



I’ve done this on a couple of the templates I’ve created (eg. Account Reconciliation). It makes sense for some types of templates that only need to be active while you’re looking at that template. It does make the formulas more complicated, and takes some planning to know which formulas to alter.

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After I asked this questin, I randomly added the “Account Reconciliation” sheet to my workbook and saw you put the ‘enable’ option in there! I tried doing this on a worksheet I have with lots of data and charts (which is one of the main sheets slowing my workbook down), and it sped things up only 25% or so. I expected more. More digging is neccessary.

I think part of the slowness comes with the use of Volatile formulas ( like indirect and offset). The heavy use of these commands in the Tiller Sheets cause major slowdowns in performance.

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