Tiller responsiveness itself is crazy slow

While I have other concerns that I’ll get to in other threads, the prominent thing about Tiller so far is that every click takes ages to even register - and I’m not always sure I’ve even clicked as there is no UI feedback. Clicking literally anything in the console, I can nearly go get a cup of coffee and come back before the screen changes. Is there anything in the feedback-pipeline for simply making the interface faster?

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Slowness like that is usually due to the extra processing that add on templates can cause. This can be due to the number or complexity of the formulas, and also conditional formatting. A template like Budget Plan (which I created) is very useful, but can slow down your overall Tiller experience. Also, the number of transactions in your Transactions sheet can impact performance. To improve things, get rid of templates you don’t need, turn off conditional formatting you don’t need, and archive/delete transactions you don’t need. I like to mess around with new stuff, so every now and then I need to take another look at what I’m running, and do a clean-up to get back to an acceptable performance level. This is true in both Google Sheets and Excel.


Oh, this is a brand new install as of a few days ago. I just now added the Account Filter template (after posting this thread) but previously had only added the Bill Payment Tracker.

This is my 2nd time trying Tiller, after initially having to drop it during the first trial period because of no USAA support. I love the format and the fact that there is a community, so I’m really trying to work with it.

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Doesn’t sound like you should be having performance issues. How many transactions do you have? Using Google Sheets or Excel?

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Google sheets, currently sitting on… 800ish transactions?

That’s not too many transactions, I use Google Sheets and have had good performance with many more than that, so something is definitely happening that shouldn’t be. You might want to try from a different browser and a different computer just to try and rule out those variables.

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@DDXdesign Are you talking about the spreadsheet or the Tiller add-on?

While I have had no slow-down on the Spreadsheet itself (12000+ transactions), I also think the add-on has become painfully slow? I am not sure what has changed, but it does seem that each click takes a few seconds (not enough time to get coffee) but in internet time it feels slow.

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Oh I’m talking about the addon itself, not the sheet. Sometimes it’s a few seconds, but sometimes it feels like several seconds (and my coffee pot is only about 20 feet away LOL)

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Yes, the Tiller Money Feeds add-on is slow right now. Several seconds between clicks.

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I found the add-on slower than usual this evening and I figured it was temporary. Maybe they need to scale up to accommodate the load from Mint refugees! :grin:

What I have noticed and it’s been that way for a while is when clicking to add a manual transaction or splitting a transaction I am not sure if I really clicked it or not because nothing happens for several seconds then it finally comes up.

Mint refugee here :wave: I am loving Tiller three days in - glad to know the extension is usually snappier than this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@randy @heather @morgan
Tiller folks are you also seeing the add on has slowed down?

Thanks for calling this out, @richl. Will take a look.

(We haven’t pushed any major changes recently so this performance change is unexpected.)

Agreed the add on has been abnormally slow in the past week or so, across the dozen or so Tiller instances I have seen this week. Even for users with very low complexity and volume in their data.

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I must be doing something ‘wrong’ as I am not experiencing any performance issues (or they have been rectified / otherwise resolved).

UPDATE: I am using Excel as part of Microsoft 365 (Version 2310 - Build 16924.20124 Click-to-Run)

I just confirmed the problem still exists.

I am not sure about others, but I am using the Google sheets version and have seen it be pretty slow. Not sure if the excel one is also experiencing slowdown.

For me it takes about 20 seconds for the add-on to show and then about 5-7 seconds when i click on an item for the add-on to react.

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To be honest I thought the slowness of the add-on was expected as it’s always been like that for me. I did some basic timing just now.

It takes about 8 seconds from clicking ‘Launch’ for the sidebar to show up and have everything visible.
If I then click anything in there, say ‘Tools’, it takes another 6 or so seconds for it to actually open up the Tools screen in the add-on.

That’s fairly representative timing for clicking anything in the add-on and seeing the results.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for flagging this and providing some details on what you are experiencing.

I’m sitting with the dev team right now discussing this. We are not seeing any red flags in our cloud monitoring or in the data feeds. Unfortunately, slowness in the Sheets add-on has been a ongoing issue. Some of it is related to all the actions the add-on is trying to take to provide a good (if not responsive) experience and some of it is related to the Sheets API architecture and how it interacts with the sidebar. (Excel is built differently and is much more responsive as you know.)

We are seeing normal slowness in our testing right now. I’m confused by @richl’s 20-seconds experience (thanks for sharing) since he is a longtime user and super familiar with the add-on’s normal behavior.

Over the past year, we’ve been slowly rebuilding our sidebar-pane architecture with the hopes of both improving the UX and performance and also making the UX panels work cross-platform (for both Excel and Sheets). With the two platform add-ins/ons running the same code, we will better be able to provide a common experience and responsively improve and extend the functionality of both platforms. This transition is a longer term project but we are also disappointed with the current performance of the add-on.

I’m sorry I don’t have a quick fix on the responsiveness. We will keep an eye on this.


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Not sure what to say Randy. I just tested loading it again 3 times.

First time 9 seconds
2nd time 22 Seconds
3rd time 12 Seconds.