Have any longtime Excel users switched to Sheets to use more Tiller features?

Welcome @mrrk, @libindaniel2000, and @tmullin1017! :raised_hands:
(So grateful that you followed up with your experience, @DerekP!)

I don’t think we have a matrix— do we, @heather?— but I’d say a few things that might help guide you:

  • Our Sheets solution is more built out. This means the TMF add-on contains more workflows and automatic template insertion. The Tiller Community Solutions Add-on extends this further with dozens of mature templates and some niche workflows that you reference. Finally, the Google Sheets Show & Tell contains many more templates you can insert manually built by other community members.
  • Our Excel add-in has been a focus in 2023 and is very responsive and works great for power users focussed on core functionality. There are a growing number of community built templates available for Excel. In 2024, we will continue to invest in the Excel experience with template insertion and more workflows.

We recognize the Sheets add-on is slow. That has come up in several threads recently. Though we don’t have close-in solutions brewing, the product team is thinking on how to improve performance.

If you are an Excel power user, are happy primarily with a lean-and-mean feeds functionality, and comfortable manipulating your data manually when needed, I’d go with Excel. If you are on the fence platform-wise and expect to lean on prebuilt workflows and templates to achieve your goals, I’d pick Sheets.

Hope this helps.