Have any longtime Excel users switched to Sheets to use more Tiller features?

I too would appreciate a matrix on the Excel vs Sheet capability. I am in knee deep into Sheets but struggling with the responsiveness of the Add-On.
Excel seems solid but I am importing 24k transactions from Mint and would really like the Merge Category capability in Excel. It is right now hard to tell whether that is an option.

Spent last 6 hours on this. So, clearly I have too much free time, but also blown away by what the tool can do. Looking forward to learning more but this matrix will be helpful for Mint refugees like me to figure out which path to take wrt Excel vs Sheets.

Just started using Tiller. Decided not to devote time to learning Sheets since I’ve been an Excel user since forever it seems. Muscle memory with Excel. I see that Tiller is bringing the Excel version up to speed with the Sheets version although it isn’t quite there yet. I’ve been customizing my Excel template to suit my needs; I’m a long-time Office solution developer but with that said, the Tiller template is advanced and I’m not at that level yet. I’m using that functionality and putting my own spin on it to replace what I was doing before with Mint+Excel, making it a one stop shop.

As an update - I started this topic while doing my trial. Been a full user for 2 years now and I did implement via Sheets. While I’m still a daily Excel user for everything else, using Sheets for my Tiller data hasn’t been bad. There certainly are more templates ready to go with Sheets and I didn’t want to miss out on anything, even though I would be more comfortable adding my own customizations in Excel. I haven’t had the time to get too deep into learning Sheets to try and do more with it.

I might give Excel another shot here to see how far it’s come. And I do still keep an Excel workbook with some data that I don’t want to rebuild in Sheets because it has no integration with my Tiller-managed data, but I only pop in there about once/month. I’m in my Tiller sheets almost daily.

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Welcome @mrrk, @libindaniel2000, and @tmullin1017! :raised_hands:
(So grateful that you followed up with your experience, @DerekP!)

I don’t think we have a matrix— do we, @heather?— but I’d say a few things that might help guide you:

  • Our Sheets solution is more built out. This means the TMF add-on contains more workflows and automatic template insertion. The Tiller Community Solutions Add-on extends this further with dozens of mature templates and some niche workflows that you reference. Finally, the Google Sheets Show & Tell contains many more templates you can insert manually built by other community members.
  • Our Excel add-in has been a focus in 2023 and is very responsive and works great for power users focussed on core functionality. There are a growing number of community built templates available for Excel. In 2024, we will continue to invest in the Excel experience with template insertion and more workflows.

We recognize the Sheets add-on is slow. That has come up in several threads recently. Though we don’t have close-in solutions brewing, the product team is thinking on how to improve performance.

If you are an Excel power user, are happy primarily with a lean-and-mean feeds functionality, and comfortable manipulating your data manually when needed, I’d go with Excel. If you are on the fence platform-wise and expect to lean on prebuilt workflows and templates to achieve your goals, I’d pick Sheets.

Hope this helps.


I’ve already started my free trial with Excel, which is where I’m most comfortable. So far I’ve been able to add community user sheets for Transaction Tracker, Category Tracker and Transaction Comparison. I’m not seeing anything I could easily implement for transaction/category splitting, which seems like something Tiller should prioritize as it is such a common need. I’d also like to see a sheet that allows you to plug in loan terms and have it create the amortization spreadsheet.

Thanks for your feedback here @jenfitchen - the splits feature is coming for Excel, but I don’t have a timeline just yet. Thanks for your patience!

We also do plan to release a Debt Planning spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets and that’s coming hopefully :crossed_fingers: in early 2024.